Vehicle Finance

Financing your next vehicle purchase is hassle free with our on-site business manager who has a range of finance options available through some of New Zealand’s most reputable vehicle financiers including UDC, MTF and MARAC. 

​Our Business Manager will handle your finance enquiry in a confidential yet relaxed environment working with a plan that fits your budget and income, ensuring that the process is fully transparent and affordable for you. 

If you have a seasonal income or want the flexibility of making lump sum payments, we can work with you to ensure you have the right plan to suit right from the start. If you are in business we can offer a range of Operating Lease, Finance Lease and standard loan plans to suit your requirements and cash flow.  

Our lending rates range for loans is 7.95% to 16.75% depending on factors including the amount of lending, the term of the loan, the level of deposit or equity in the loan, credit history and risk profile. There are also standard fees and charges to contracts; the links for full information are outlined below.​



Phone: (03) 211 1206